Maryfield College

An Gaisce Hike 2014

Monday 7th April, the 4th years, who took up the An Gaisce challenge, had to go on a two day hike. We got an early bus down to Glendalough in Wicklow, where we were greeted by Mrs. Hanley and twelve 5th years.

When we arrived, we had to leave our bags in the hostel and at ten o’clock, we started the hike. We did a 17km walk up and around the mountain. With a few short breaks along the way. The weather was reasonably good, except for a sun shower at the end of our journey.

We got back to the hostel and got our rooms. We had loads of time to relax and chat with people in the hostel, too. At half six, we had dinner. They gave us burgers and chips, and those who wanted chicken or vegetarian had that option.

Throughout the evening, we had a good laugh and also watched a movie. We were sent to our rooms at eleven.

Day Two, we had breakfast at half eight. We also packed and got our stuff ready to leave. We went on a 13km walk up a different mountain, along a river. We walked up to the top of the waterfall and had lunch. We went back, where we were picked up and brought home.

The 5th years walked a total of 50km in 3 days whilst the 4th years did a total of 30km in 2 days.

It was a great experience and we all would recommend it. Many thanks to Ms Hanley and to the other Staff and Guides for making it all happen!

By Clara Schweppe & Lisa Donohue