Maryfield College

Teen Synod 2022


On Wednesday 6th April 2022, five students from Maryfield College (Emily Burke 5thYear, Aoife Quinlan and Aisling Fallon 2nd year, also Michelle Matthew and Amelia Solinska 1st year) took part in a TEEN SYNOD GATHERING in the Margaret Aylward Centre, Glasnevin. This event was organised and hosted by St. Mary’s Holy Faith Secondary School and the arish of Our Lady of Dolours, Glasnevin.

Pope Francis wants the Church to be a “Church that listens,” and therefore it is vital that the views and responses of our young people are included in this listening process. The aim of the Worldwide Synod is a process to gather the experiences of Church and Faith from those who are actively involved as well as those who may have become detached from the Church.

The students discussed various things with other students such as – “What is the Church?,” and what has been their experiences of Church or Faith, especially with regard to their own school, community or parish. All students present at the Teen Synod represented the voices of young people who attend a Faith Based Secondary school.

The event was extremely engaging and informative, and all the submissions gathered will now be added to the submissions of the Dublin Diocese, and then will be sent as part of the National Submission to Rome ahead of the Pope’s World Synod in 2023!

In relation to Local Synods- Pope Francis has encouraged openness and freedom to speak using the term “Parrhesia,” which means speaking from the heart in charity. There was a great opportunity for all the students to participate and specially to listen to their peers.

Well done to all our girls involved on the day – they did a fantastic job! May God bless all involved in this process of shaping the Irish Church, within the Universal Church of the future.


(Patricia Seery- Maryfield College)