Maryfield College

The Irish Federation of University Women Public Speaking Competition

irishfederationforThe Irish Federation of University Women hosted a Public Speaking Competition for Girls under 15 years of age at U.C.D Belfield on Saturday 7th February at 1.00 p.m.

Representing Maryfield were two first years , Mairead Kelly McHugh (1L)  Vilte Vilimaite (1L) and one third year Maria Lee (3S)
Our thoughts were with  Abbey Byrne (1l) who had to forfeit her place on the team because of illness on the Friday. Her peer Vilte  Vilimaite  very kindly volunteered as substitute and saved the day.
Six schools took part. St Leo’s, Carlow, won the competition and afterwards their coaches said that they had thought Maryfield were going to win. The girls were delighted to hear they were thought of as high contenders .
Congratulations to all three  girls for speaking out so passionately  on  aspects of their chosen topics. The following aspects the girls spoke on were :(1) The government should limit the amount of cars on the road, (2) Will parents EVER understand teenagers? (3) Teachers don’t understand their students.

Their flawless speech presentations were very impressive especially as they had to plan on the spot their aspects for a 2-3 minute speech.
All their lunch hour advance classroom preparation proved worthwhile. Past contenders who popped in at intervals to give encouraging tips were very much appreciated. Special thanks to Una Whelan, (6) Erin Leavey,(6) and Nadia Corigan(T/Y)

Maria Lee, Mairead Kelly McHugh, and Vilte Vilimaite proudly  left U.C.D. each with their own certificate and knowing  they had won the greatest prize of all  CONFIDENCE.