Maryfield College

Prefects Raise E1,000 in Aid of Alone

On Thursday the 16th of March,Ms Farrelly and  the Prefects held a St Patrick’s day dress up and fundraiser in aid of ‘ Alone’.
A great day was had by all and the  total money raised was  €1000.
A huge thank you to all Students, Staff and Parents for your generosity.

Welcome Wall To Celebrate Diversity

Our second year CPSE class 2R created a beautiful welcome wall that celebrates our school’s diversity and makes all students feel valued and included. We recognise the importance of providing a supportive environment for our EAL students, and we are dedicated to ensuring that all students feel empowered to succeed at Maryfield College.





On Monday 13th March, ten students along with Ms.Seery took part in the very first Le Cheile Faith Symposium. This was a wonderful gathering of Le Cheile schools from all over the country.

The symposium was held at Knock Shrine in Co. Mayo. the students took part in various workshops including the following:

  • The story of Knock (Museum)
  • The “Mosaic” story (Basilica)
  • Faith sharing
  • Recovery from addiction through faith, with members of the Cenacolo Community.
  • Positivity of music in prayer
  • Meditation


The students had the opportunity to reflect on prayer and faith in their own lives, and on how they live out the Le Cheile values within their own school communities.


The afternoon began with a special celebration of Mass in the Parish church, where various representatives from the schools took part in the liturgy, and everyone joined in the wonderful music.


There were some presentations from schools about the work of their “Ember” teams. This is a peer lead faith leadership group within the schools which aims to help school communities to live out our Catholic Faith.


The students really enjoyed the opportunity to link with students from so many different schools throughout the country, who are all part of the Le Cheile family. It was particularly lovely to meet up with the teachers and students from our sister/school – Cross and Passion, Kilcullen, Co. Kildare.


At the closing session, there was an invitation from the Knock Youth Ministry for students to participate in some summer volunteering at Knock Shrine (16–18-year-olds). Please see the noticeboard outside Room 27 for further information or speak to Ms. Seery


Maryfield can be very proud of the students who went to Knock this year. They were terrific ambassadors for their school. They completed a very long day from early morning to late in the evening, and entered very enthusiastically into the whole event. Well done girls!


We look for to this event being the first of many gatherings that will take place in the years to come.


Elaine Murphy of 5th Year Attends European Youth Parliament in Norway

After attending the Regional and National sessions of European Youth Parliament Ireland, I was selected to attend an international session in Tromsø, Norway. The session had 300 participants from all over Europe, and over 9 days we came together in committees and created resolutions to tackle problems facing Europe currently. The resolutions we wrote will be sent to policy makers across Europe and hopefully influence positive change.