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Jigsaw Webinar on Friendships and Mental Health

We are delighted to inform you that Jigsaw is hosting a webinar on the topic of Friendships and Mental Health. It is for parents and teachers and will happen on February 6th at 7.30-8.30.


In this webinar parents and guardians will:


  • Consider the impact friendships can have on their child’s mental health ​
  • Explore ways in which they can support their child to build positive friendships 
  • Learn supportive strategies to navigate conversations about friendships with their child


Sign up and registration is through the OGS Learnupon portal and the link is in the poster


How to register:

1). Go to One Good School Learnupon 

sign up and log in.

2) You will be asked to select your school from a drop-down range of options. When you have selected your school and the “parent” option, you will have access to the course. You can get started by selecting the down arrow to the right of the dashboard button, then selecting Catalog- you will then see the available course on the Courses tab.

Friendships and Mental Health Webinar for Parents and Guardians

First Years Visit BT Young Scientist Exhibition

Ms. Keating arranged a trip to the 60th BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition in the RDS for all 1st years.  Students should be praised for their excellent behaviour and a really enjoyable day was had by all.  Thanks to the teachers who attended.