Maryfield College



Junior Cycle   (1st year to 3rd Year)

Core subjects:
Irish, Maths, English, CSPE. SPHE, Modern Language (French, German or Spanish), History, Religion, Physical Education.

Optional subjects (Choice of three from five):
Art, Business Studies, Home Economics, Music, Science, Geography.

Transition Year (Optional, 4th Year)

Core subjects:
Irish, English, Maths, Modern Language (French or German), Religion, Physical Education, Health Education.

Exploring options  (students sample the following in modules):
Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, Music, Home Economics, Art.

The wider curriculum (subject to annual variation):
Computers, Drama, Spanish, Film, Mini-Company, Community Action.

Work Experience

Senior Cycle  (5th and 6th Year)

Core subjects:
Irish   English   Maths   Modern Language (French or German)   Religion Physical Education

Optional Subjects (free choice of three from the following) :
Accounting, Art, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Geography, History, Home Economics (Social/Scientific), Music, Physics, Leaving Certificate PE and Politics and Society