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Christmas Carols

It is a longstanding tradition that sixth year students sing carols for the first year students here in Maryfield. This afternoon the sixth years encouraged the first years to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas and the need for peace in our world. We sang carols together and listened to readings.

There was a special visitor and we also sang some Christmas favourites. Thank you to all the sixth years who planned and participated in our carol service. A special mention to the stars of the show and to Mary-Kate for her impeccable compere skills.

Thanks to Ms Seery, Ms McCarron and Ms Cooney for their help in preparation of our carol service.

Happy Christmas Everyone


Class 4K / 4L visiting Nazareth House Nursing Home

Class 4K / 4L visiting Nazareth House Nursing Home this morning to sing Carols and Christmas songs for the residents. The staff and residents  really appreciated the visit.
A special Thank You to Ms.Cooney and Ms.Seery for arranging this event.

School Pollytunnel

School Polytunnel
We are delighted to unveil the latest addition to Maryfield College – A Polytunnel!
Over the coming weeks we will form a committee of staff and students who will plan, plant, grow and maintain various food and plants in the polytunnel. Our focus is to develop new skills, raise awareness on food literacy and sustainability and most importantly, to have fun.
This polytunnel will provide students with an outdoor learning environment and a space to enjoy the beauty of nature.
We hope that this polytunnel will provide both staff and students with the opportunity to unleash their inner gardener and inspire some to start growing in their own home or outdoor space.
Stay tuned for further updates…
The Enterprise Club

Frosty Friday

Ms Ryan has captured some beautiful views of Maryfield this Frosty Friday!

Christmas Musical Evening

The Music Department and Parents Association held a Christmas Musical Evening last Monday night. Thank you to all the students who took part! You are magic!

TY pupils Complete the CPR 4 Schools programme

Here is a few pictures from the CPR workshop completed by the TY students.
Students completed the CPR 4 Schools programme from the Irish Heart Foundation.

6th Year Retreat

On 1st December the sixth years gathered in the assembly hall for a day of reflection led by our special guest Gerry Keegan. Gerry shared aspects of his own faith journey and encouraged the sixth years to take time to reflect on their own lives and experience. Gerry sang songs and shared his story through examining the lyrics. There were plenty of games and interactive music general knowledge quizzes, correct answers were rewarded with enthusiastic cheers.


It was a powerful experience to be witnessed. Thank you everybody for your respectful participation and sense of  fun throughout the day.


A special word of thanks to our personal Adele act! 😉 Hope you enjoyed the pizza lunch.

The RE Department