Maryfield College

Administration Policies

Development of School Policies

In Maryfield College we are in the process of developing policies in a number of areas of school life.  In order to make policies as meaningful as possible we are adopting a collaborative approach.  Policy making is a whole school process involving consultation with all of our partners in Maryfield i.e. teaching staff, other staff, parents, pupils and school management.

All polices should be read in conjunction with Maryfield College Child Protection Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment Statement

The Board of Management has ratified the following policies in recent years:

Maryfield College School Strategic Plan 2023-2026

COVID-19 Response Plan for the safe and sustainable operation of Post Primary Schools
COVID-19 Site Specific Response Plan Updated 28th September 2021

Admissions Policy Maryfield College

Applicants Information
Application Form First Year 2023

Application Form All Year Groups
Anti-Bullying Policy
Care Team Policy

Child Safeguarding and Risk Assessment

Maryfield child-safeguarding-and-risk-assessment 2023

CP 2023

Notification PA (002)

Notice to PA CP (002)


Critical Incident Policy

notifcation regarding the the boms review of the child safeguarding statement
Clarification on the use of face coverings in Post Primary schools
Complaints Procedure
Code Of Behaviour Updated 11/09/2020
Code Of Behaviour – Appendix : Health & Safety COVID 19
CCTV Policy
Dignity in the workplace policy
Dignity in the workplace policy – Appendix
Educational Technology Usage Policy for students, staff and families
Guidelines for Inducting New Teaching Staff into Maryfield College
Internet AUP Reviwed 12th April 2021
Literacy Policy 2019
Numeracy Plan Maryfield
Maryfield College Vetting Policy
Maryfield College School Pplan 2017-2019
Refund Policy
RSE POLICY October 2021
SSE Report 2020-2021
School Trips Policy
School Data Protection Policy
SEN Policy
Statement of Strategy for School Attendance 2016
Study Skills
Subject Choice
Trips Appendices