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One Good School

One Good School

Ways to help young people who are struggling with their mental health

By Naomi Lungu, Jay Muteba, Juliet Murphy and Zoe Lenehan.

One Good School Assembly, Croke Park

Mr Smith, parent Patricia Mulligan and pupils, Sarah O’Rourke and Kayleighann Burgess attended the One Good School Assembly in Croke Park on October 19th. It was an event to celebrate the good work that has been done so far by the participating schools.

The event was organised by Jigsaw, who provide help for young people from the ages of 12 to 25.

Former Irish President, Mary McAleese, was a guest speaker, she spoke about the influence one good adult can have on a student.


One Good School- CLANG

CLANG is Jigsaw’s campaign to help us all learn about and look after our own mental health and wellbeing. From Monday, 10 to Friday, 14 October, we’re asking you to join us in doing five simple actions proven to help with your mental health and wellbeing.

  1. Connect
  2. Keep Learning
  3. Be active
  4. Take notice
  5. Give back in support of Jigsaw

Ways to connect

  • Connect over lunch, featuring special treats brought in by the students or free pizza.
  • Digital detox day, where students and staff don’t use their phones for a whole school day. There’s nothing like removing devices from your day to promote connecting with those around you.
  • A screening. Use a room with a projector in and screen a film or game. A love of sport and film can bring people together like nothing else!

Ways to keep learning

  • Presentation in school, college, or the student union by one of the organisers, explaining the Five a Day for Mental Health and its benefits.
  • Webinar or completion of online course. See what courses we have available on
  • Learn a new skill. Research a skill such as knot tying, cooking a particular meal, origami, etc. Then teach this new skill to each other!

Ways to be active

  • Organised run, walk, or hike. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Pick a nice location locally or further afield and go for a run, walk or hike there.
  • Interschool or intercollege sports game. What about students versus teachers or lecturers or a match against another school/college/society?
  • Board game evening. So why not organise an evening where people can bring in their favourites?

Ways to take notice 

  • Guided meditation There are lots of great guided meditation resources online. Have a look on YouTube and see if anything would suit your group.
  • Nature walk around the school or college grounds. Are you near a nice park or located out in the countryside? Why not find a nice spot and go for a relaxing walk as a group?
  • Litter pick up around the local area. There are few things more relaxing than taking a stroll and cleaning up your local area.

Ways to give back in support of Jigsaw

  • Bake sale. Get a few talented bakers together, make some cakes and treats, and sell them. There’s nothing like a home baked brownie to put a smile on someone’s face.
  • Non uniform day/costume day. Let everyone express themselves through their own choice of clothing in exchange for a modest donation. A classic!
  • Sponsored run, walk, or hike. Keep things simple, pick a challenging location for a run, walk or hike and get sponsored by friends and family.
  • Charity night out, gig or concert. Pick a venue, pick a form of entertainment to offer, and charge for tickets. Maybe throw in a raffle and there you have it!


One Good School- Webinar for Staff

Jigsaw are delighted to host a one-hour clinician-led webinar for school staff in their One Good Schools on Tuesday, October 11th , 2022 at 7.30. It is called Managing Anxiety in the Classroom.

To access it, go to webinar will be in the dashboard section. You will need to enrol/register for this webinar in advance.

One Good School Actions for this Year

This year, as part of the Jigsaw’s One Good School programme, we will engage in several activities, including Innovate for Wellbeing, Peer Education, My Mental Health- What Works, Exam Stress and Managing Anxiety in the Classroom.
Innovate For Wellbeing
  •  This programme has been designed on behalf of Jigsaw by Young Social Innovators, an organisation that empowers young people to change the world for good.
  • The purpose of this programme is to give pupils a voice on issues affecting the wellbeing of people in their school community.
  • As participants in this programme, the One Good School Team will be identifying an issue that they feel impacts the wellbeing of their fellow students, exploring it in depth and coming up with an innovative action to improve it. 
  • Check back here for more information after our Team has decided on the nature of their action project.

One Good School Self Assessment

As part of Maryfield’s One Good School initiative, we are carrying out a self-assessment of what our school community believes to be our needs when it comes to promoting and supporting youth mental health. This is an essential step as it will help us to create an action plan for next year, based on the programmes and workshops that Jigsaw can offer. We may also host focus groups for further elaboration on this area.


Please click on the relevant link:





Pupils: (first years) (second years) (third years) (TYs) (fifth years)

One Good School Online Course For Teachers

Staff can find out more about Jigsaw and reflect on their important role in promoting and supporting youth mental health. 
  • It will help them to identify practical strategies that they can use to support the mental health and wellbeing of young people in their role.
  • You will need to create a LearnUpon account and can complete the course in their own time.
  •  After completing this course, they will have the opportunity to sign up for a follow up support webinar
  • .


Check out this artwork by Aoife Peelo Smyth of second year, a member of our OGS team.
Jigsaw is delighted to host a one-hour clinician-led webinar for school staff in their One Good Schools, on the topic of young people and anxiety. This webinar will support school staff to understand the nature of anxiety as well as learn some practical approaches to supporting a young person who may be experiencing anxiety.
This will be on Thursday, March 10th at 7.30pm
To register, go to