Maryfield College


Traditional Irish Music Workshop at Maryfield

Ciarán and Martin Tourish visited Maryfield’s Music Department on Thursday 4th December 2014, much to the delight of music students and teachers alike! Ciarán is a well known member of the Donegal band ‘Altan’ and is regularly listened to and talked about by Junior and Leaving Certificate students. It was a fantastic opportunity to have traditional music celebrities in the school!

Ciaran and Martin focused on stylistic elements of performance and ornamentation. It was impressive to watch the students introduce these elements into their own playing with such ease.

The workshop was of interest to all music students, including those who play in other musical genres.

Ms. O’ Toole and Ms. Lonnergan have been instrumental in encouraging the students and bringing the workshop to the school.

Traditional Music Workshop Photo

Maryfield Guitar Club

The music room at Maryfield has become a hive of activity every Tuesday at lunchtime. The new Maryfield Guitar Club attracts up to thirty five students who display a wide range of abilities. The more accomplished players share their skills with the beginners, creating a helpful and supportive atmosphere. With the unavoidable teething problems of sore fingers, the club motto has become “play through the pain!”

Students have chosen to join the club for a variety of reasons. Some wish to learn a new skill as part of their An Gaisce challenge while others just simply want to enjoy playing.

All are welcome to this vibrant club which is run by Ms. Flynn and Mr. Duignan.

Maryfield Guitar Club

Maryfield Chamber Orchestra

A number of students in the school learn instruments outside of school and they have come together on Thursdays in the music room to play a selection of music. This gives a great opportunity for students to play and listen to each other. We hope to give students an opportunity to conduct the group, further enhancing their musical skills. Any students interested in joining should contact Ms Flynn.

Instumental Rehearsals


Maryfield Traditional Group

Wednesday lunchtime brings the sound of traditional music to the music room under the guidance of Ms. Lonegan and Ms. O’Toole, both experienced traditional musicians. The group, which comprises a range of instruments and abilities, is currently compiling sets of dance tunes that are commonly played at sessions. There are a number of events planned for the traditional group including a workshop with renowned musician Ciáran Tourish and an outing to the Temple Bar Trad Fest in January. For more information please contact Ms. Lonegan, Ms. O’Toole or Ms. Flynn.

Maryfield Choir

Weekly choir rehearsal takes play on Friday. We have been busy already this year, with the School Mass, recording for the All-Island Choir Competition and now getting ready for the First Year Cheese and Wine Night which takes place in December. We’re already learning Christmas songs! Ms. S. Flynn and Ms. Fitzpatrick are also helping with the choir and new members are always welcome, no auditions necessary.

Happy musiking!

Ms. Flynn