Maryfield College


Leinsters 2024

Well done to Ariana Silvestre of 3R (pictured on the right) who finished 6th in the long jump at the Leinster championships with a leap of 4.56m.

East Leinsters 2024

Team Maryfield contested the East Leinster athletics championships today and last Monday. A special mention to Ines Jauny and Ariana Silvestre who won a bronze medal each in the 100m and long jump respectively.

East Leinsters 2023

Well done to Ines Jauny of 2K, who came second in the 100m and third in the long jump at the East Leinster athletics championships. She will represent Maryfield at the Leinster championships on the 17th of May.


East Leinsters 2022

The East Leinsters took place on the 28th of April and the 3rd of May this year. Notable achievements were:

Ines Jauny, second in the minor 100m and long jump

Abbie Lowry: 5th in the senior 100m final

Lily Gaskin: 5th in the junior 100m final

First year relay team, finalists

Second year relay team, 3rd in heat