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Student Council

Photos from the Student Council Elections from Thursday May 9th.

Student Council Attend Irish Second-Level Students’ Union (ISSU) Annual Assembly

Our student council members attended the Irish Second-Level Students’ Union (ISSU) annual assembly in Liberty Hall last week.

Student Council Easter Egg Hunt


Maryfield College Student Council members having their voices heard at Dublin Comhairle na n’Og

Maryfield College students discussing the issues that matter to young people and making positive changes at Dublin Comhairle na n’Og

Maryfield College Student Council taking part in ISSU Regional Council

Maryfield College Student Council members discussing how young people can get involved in activism and increasing student voice as they represented Maryfield College at the Irish Second Level Students Union Regional Council Meeting

Ambassador to Japan Visits Maryfield

On Thursday 26th October, Irish Ambassador to Japan, Damien Cole along with Irish Peacekeeper Captain Eoin O’Brien from the Irish Defence Forces visited Maryfield  College.  They spoke to Politics and Society students, members of the student council and members of the global justice group about their important diplomatic and peacekeeping work abroad.  The students had an opportunity to ask questions and engage with Ambassador Cole and Captain O’Brien about the work of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the life of an Ambassador and a Peacekeeper as well as the importance of gender equality in representing Ireland abroad.  Ambassador Cole presented Dr. Maree O’Rourke with an UN Flag as a symbol of Ireland’s important work peacekeeping abroad and in recognition of the outstanding work done in Maryfield in global justice education.

1st Year Elections 

On the 25th of October the First Year elections took place 


  1. The assigned student council members met at the assembly hall after break time. 


  1. They were assigned temporary roles for the election and were explained how to carry out these roles. 


  1. Four assigned members of the Student Council went to collect the first group of First Years and brought them to the assembly hall where the elections took place. 


  1.  After all the groups of First Years voted, all the members were taught how to count votes. 


  1.  The elections went really well, and the First Years Student Council members were elected: Lily Moran from 1R and Abigail Aju from 1L. 


Student Council Election

Student Council Update Newsletter  

This year’s current Student Council members are a determined and dedicated group of Maryfield students. Over the past number of months the Student Council have had weekly meetings discussing topics such as organising competitions,, events and coming up with new ways to resolve any issues that arises in school. Since forming in October, this year’s Student Council have accomplished several achievements so far 

At the start of the year, we carried out our weekly toilet checks to each year group’s toilets as well as wire checks to ensure a safer and cleaner school.  

We had a meeting with Ms. Ryan who spoke to us about CAO booklets for the future and current senior cycle students. We also discussed the school’s digital learning strategy with Ms. McCoy. 

Whave informed students about the ISSU survey on Covid in schools. We have discussed issues that year groups have brought up including eating arrangements. We have had several meetings with Ms. O’Rourke about issues that have arisen in school. One of the major policies we have discussed has been the new uniform policy of the introduction of trousers. As a group we have discussed potential designs and ideas for the new trousers 

We organised our 12 Days of Christmas competition in December in collaboration with the music department. The competition was a huge success, each year got involved with answering the festive questions. We would like to say a massive thank you to all the students who got involved in our competition.  

Most recently, we have begun the process of organising ISIC cards for Maryfield students, which will begin this week. If you would like an application form make sure to come and collect it from us before the due date.  

If you any issues or concerns please make sure to inform your student council representative.  


The Maryfield College Student Council 2021-2022.  


Polling took place on Monday 19 November to elect First Year representatives to the Maryfield Student Council. Results will be announced shortly.