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Green Schools’ Sustainable Travel Theme (3/5/’24)

Photos of 3rd year work for Green Schools’ sustainable travel theme . The three girls  did powerful work. Isabella Kessie Kehoe , Heidi mcHale and Taniya Justin.

Here is some recent Green Schools activity (23/4/’24)

collection of wood for bug hotel

bike committee

cardboard sustainable city three pictures

bug hotel and fairy garden

student bike week

student library display

Here is our December winner of the Green Schools Nature Competition… Katie Walsh from 1K. Well done, Katie!

Maryfield College gets the Green Light

Maryfield College Green Schools Committee is delighted to announce that we have been awarded our second Green Flag under the theme of energy. For the past two years the Green Schools Committee along with the whole school community have been attempting to reduce the amount of energy that we use in the school through 5 simple steps.

  1. turning off the lights when they are not needed
  2. pulling up the blinds to allow natural light into the room
  3. switching off the data projectors and P.C.s when not in use
  4. turning down the radiators if the room gets too hot
  5. closing all windows and doors to avoid draughts

To achieve this award, the Green Schools Committee, with the assistance of the Transition Year Green Schools classes and the rest of the school community, had the difficult task of completing all of the 7 steps to getting a Green Flag.

  1. form a Green Schools Committee
  2. complete an environmental review
  3. put into place an ongoing action plan for energy reduction
  4. monitor and evaluate the action plan continually
  5. inform and involve the school community and the wider community of our action plan and achievements
  6. write a green code

On the 2nd of March 2016 Audrey Duff from Dublin City Council visited the school and met with the Green Schools Committee to ask them about the 7 steps that had been completed and to ensure that the school had met all of the criteria necessary to achieve a green flag. Ms. Duff was very impressed with the committee and the work that the school and completed. As the Green Schools Coordinator I would also like to compliment all of the members of the Green Schools Committee on their participation during the Green Flag renewal visit. Each committee member was keen to show off our school and explain to Audrey all the work that we had done in relation to both our Litter and Waste Theme and Energy Theme.

The official application for our second Green Flag was submitted on 11th of March to An Taisce and I am delighted to announce that our application was successful and a group of representatives from the Green Schools Committee will be attending The Green Flag Award Ceremony on May 24th in The Helix.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the staff, students and parents of Maryfield College for their contribution to the work involved in achieving our second Green Flag. The Green Schools Programme can only work if the whole school community get together to implement change and sustain good environmental habits. Congratulations to us all and I look forward to starting work on the third flag under the theme of water conservation.

Ms. Rebecca Carroll


Green Schools Committee 2015/2016

Back Row L to R: Juste Rusteckaite, Julie Dory, Charlotte Cashel, Kesenja Ustimenko, Alannah Grace, Bronwen McDonagh, Samantha Balandevituite Alexandra Ciolan, Catriona Murray,
Middle Row L to R: Chiara Patton Fea, Michaela Castro, Sayeh Mohamedi, Julia Grezlak, Marielle Bernardo, Olivia L’estrange, Mairead McHugh
Front Row L to R: Sinead Bala, Amber Madden Doyle, Sophia Downes, Eve Boyle.
Not pictured: Andrea Lafford, Anna Ando, Mikee Astudillo