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PA Updates Archive

PA Updates Archive

The Maryfield Parents Association would like to inform you about the National Parents Week. If you are interested to attend, as this year’s topic is “It is OK to Ask”, here is more information

National Parents Week 2016 will run from Monday 19thSeptember until Sunday 25th September.

The theme this year is: It’s ok to ask!

Being a parent is one of life’s absolute privileges, bringing enormous joy and happiness. But it also can bring significant challenges. Never more so, than in today’s world.

The growth of materialism, consumerism, the internet and social media have created a whole new set of pressures that simply didn’t exist when today’s parents were growing up. The more informal, relaxed parent-child relationship that exists today – while undoubtedly a good thing – can, at times, make home life a lot more complicated.

Often parents expect that they should know all the answers. They couldn’t possibly. No child comes with a handbook and every child and every parent is different.

Parentline is a helpline for parents. Somewhere to pick up the phone and talk to somebody who can offer a sympathetic ear; in confidence and who won’t judge (either parent or child). Sometimes it’s only a little niggle, sometimes it’s something bigger. Sometimes a parent just needs to bounce something off somebody. Parentline’s trained facilitators will give support, information and guidance.

The helpline is open Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. and Friday from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. It is free and no appointment is necessary – just call 1890 927277 or 01 8733500

Whatever age the child is, whatever the issue – it’s ok to ask!
Kind regards
Rita O’Reilly