Maryfield College

Student Council

Student Council Election

The following are the elected members of the Maryfield Student Council for the academic year 2017/2018:
Second Year: Caoimhe Byrne, Alannah Galvin, Kate O’Connor
Third Year: Sofia Bob, Grace Linnie, Leah Whelan
Transition Year: Emma Clarke, Leah O’Rourke
Fifth Year: Julie Dory (unopposed)
Sixth Year: Gift Asin, Sayeh Mohammedi, Sarah Reck

First Year Student Council Elections

An election took place just before mid-term for our First Year Student Council representatives. All First Years exercised their vote. The Student Council is still in the process of counting the votes and will announce the results very soon.



Council Report Summer 2015

One of the first tasks of the Student Council this academic year was the election to choose two First Year students to represent their year group. Congratulations to everyone who ran as candidates and campaigned.
For the past number of years it has been the responsibility of the Student Council to organise the distribution of ISSU i-Connect Student Cards within the school. They have always proved to be highly popular, as these cards can serve as ID cards and offer a vast amount of discounts in many store brands across the country. Those who apply in the coming school year will receive cards in January 2016 which will be valid for one year.
In March our school held an inter-schools meeting between student councils from local schools. Student Council representatives from Árdscoil Rís, Mount Temple and St. Aidan’s came to our school to discuss various issues arising in our schools. A worthwhile sharing of ideas took place and each representative gained greater insight into the functioning of student councils besides their own. Overall the day was highly productive and enjoyable (with free refreshments as an added bonus!).
One of the events that the Student Council is most well-renowned for is the beloved annual Easter Egg Hunt (or Hunger Games which it could be referred to more accurately). This is a fun event which is held outside on the front pitch, and involves the collection of Easter themed items in exchange for a chocolate prize. Fortunately this year the weather was generous to us and allowed everyone to enjoy themselves just before the Easter holidays. Many thanks to everyone who participated and we hope you look forward to next year’s hunt.
Towards the end of the year, one of the last primary initiatives that we completed was the opening of the Maryfield School Bank, organised by Bank of Ireland. Henry Shefflin, a hurler who played for the Kilkenny team, came to our school to talk about the significance of having a school bank, and also to tell us a little bit about his early life and hurling career. During his visit he accommodated many questions and signed memorabilia. The School Bank launch was highly successful, with approximately seventy accounts opened. Thank you to all who opened accounts. Accounts can continue to be opened in the new school year for anyone who is interested.
Overall, this was a highly successful year for our Student Council. Other initiatives such as the Bathroom Art competition will be continued into next year, as well as a review of the student awards that were initiated by the Student Council.
On behalf of the whole Student Council, we wish you an enjoyable summer.

Written by Nadia Corrigan 4S

Easter Egg Hunt

Just before the Easter holidays the Student Council organised a really fun event. An Easter Egg Hunt, also known as The Hunger Games, took place on the front field for all year groups. Thankfully the rain held off and everyone managed to retrieve some chocolate to get them in the Easter Holiday mood.

Maryfield Student Council inter-schools meeting

Maryfield Student Council hosted a very productive inter-schools meeting recently. Student Council representatives from Árdscoil Rís, Mount Temple and St. Aidan’s, along with our own girls, discussed the various issues that have arisen at their respective schools. Ideas were discussed and initiatives shared at what proved to be a very productive day.