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Active Schools Flag

Active Schools Flag

Active School Week- Day 5, Dance Take Over

It’s day 5 of Active School Week, ie. #DANCETAKEOVERDAY! Our pupils enjoyed a Wake Up Shake Up Just/Dance in the assembly hall.

It was a very enjoyable week and well done to the TY Active School team who organised and ran the events! Have a great long weekend, everyone.


Active School Week- Day 4

It’s day 4 of Active School Week! Our 5th years enjoyed a rounders tournament as part of the fun and games.

Active School Week- Day 3

Today is day 3 and the pupils had a smashing time at the Rainbow Run! Pupils also engaged in basketball on the Wellbeing Walk and the sixth years had a delicious healthy lunch.


Active School Week- Day 2

It’s day 2 of Active School Week! We have healthy lunches planned, a rounders tournament and here are some photos of pupils engaging in Drop Everything and Move!

The second years enjoyed a benchball tournament at lunchtime and the third years had a delicious healthy lunch provided for them.

Active School Week- Day 1

Welcome to Active School Week! Our ty Active School team welcomed everyone at the door as our launch event. Next, pupils were treated to a talk on healthy living and they did a Drop Everything and Move in class. They were brought around the Wellbeing Walkway also. Then our first years enjoyed a rounders tournament at lunchtime.

Wellbeing Walkway

Our TY Active School Flag classes are proud to announce that we have created a Wellbeing Walkway! This is a signposted route around the school designed to encourage exercise, mindfulness and learning on the move.

ASF Maryfield’s Fittest Class


It was the second years’ turn to compete in the Maryfield’s Fittest Class competition and 2R emerged triumphant by one point over rivals 2K and 2L. Well done to all who participated and the girls in 4S who organised it.



The results are in after three days of Maryfield’s Fittest Class; 1S and 1R came in joint first place. There was a huge level of participation and support so congratulations to all involved. Well done and thank you to the 4S Active Schools Flag class for organising.


The results are in for Week 1 of Maryfield’s Fittest Class (first years). 1S has raced into the lead! Well done to everyone involved.




The Maryfield’s Fittest Class challenge began in earnest today with 1K and 1S battling it out for each available point. Well done to each participant and to the girls from 4S who organised it so effectively.


ASF 4 Corners Blitz

A great time was had by all.


Active School Flag Basketball Blitz

Our 4K Active Schools Flag team organised a basketball blitz today. This inclusive and fun event was well run and a great time was had by all.


Active School Flag Team Presents to Senior Management

Our ASF team made a presentation to senior management about the results of the whole-school questionnaire; topics included pupils’ levels of physical activity, active travel, barriers to exercise, suggestions for improvements and action planning. They did an excellent job and it was a very productive meeting. Well done, everyone!

Christmas Just Dance. Our Second Whole School Event 6/12/’23

4L Active Schools Flag organised a Christmas Just Dance event. There was an excellent turnout and participants had a great time while exercising.



Table Tennis Takeover- 29/9/’23. Our First Whole School Event!

Report by Lily Nolan- 4R


On Friday the 29th of September, the Transition Year students hosted an exciting whole-school table tennis takeover as part of the Active Schools Flag (ASF) scheme. The event took place in the cafeteria and went on for the whole day, taking each year group at different times. The objective of the event was for everyone to have fun and for everyone to be included. 

At the beginning of this school year, Maryfield College became a participant in the Active Schools Flag pilot scheme. The aim of the scheme is to “enable schools to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community”. Originally the scheme was only available to primary schools, but our school has been lucky enough to have the oppurtunity to take part in a new ASF process developed for post primary schools.  

The programme gives each student a voice and the ability to change things in their school community. It includes the whole school, challenging every student to find fun and inclusive ways to get everyone active with many different strategies. ASF depends on student leadership and student voices to promote physical activity. To actually achieve the Active School Flag is a three to five year process. Throughout each school year events will be held, such as the one on Friday, to get the students in school together and active. 

The first Active Schools Flag initiative that our school took part in was the Table Tennis Takeover. The Transition year students were the main organisers during the planning and execution of the event. Each of the four transition year class groups were assigned to a year group to be in charge of during their allocated time on Friday. They kept spirits high and told the students about the games that they would be playing, which included single matches, double matches, and round robin. 

In the end it was a lively day filled with enthusiasm from every student involved. We are looking forward to organising the next ASF event.