Maryfield College

About Us

Maryfield College is a voluntary secondary school for girls within the free secondary education system. The  school was founded in 1945 by the Sisters of the Cross and Passion. The school is now under the Le Cheile Schools Trust.  The school  has 667 pupils  and almost 50 members on the teaching staff.

Maryfield College is a teaching and learning community which looks to prepare pupils for life in all its aspects – personal, academic, professional and social.

The school offers a secure, friendly environment based on mutual respect and support wher pupils will be busy, happy and motivated to learn. Our Pastoral Care system seeks to provide, maintain and develop a sense of concern and encouragement for all pupils and staff so that all may thrive personally and academically.

The school motto, In Fide Stabiles, urges us to be steadfast in our faith in the spiritual dimensions of life and in one another as valuable and valued partners in education.

I hope this site will be of interest to staff, puils and parents as well as to past-pupils, parents of prospective pupils and the community at large.

Maree O’Rourke, Principal