Maryfield College

Intercultural Day 2019

On Friday 18th January 2019, the 3rd annual Intercultural Day was held in Maryfield College.  The day saw Maryfield hall exploding with colour, sounds, tastes and culture from all over the world.  In total there were, 16 countries exhibiting and Maryfield students represented their cultures confidentially and passionately. 

The day is a wonderful opportunity for students with diverse cultural heritage to present their culture to the other students in the school and it is a great chance for us as a school community to learn more about other cultures in the world and perhaps more importantly, the diversity of the other cultures we have here in Maryfield. 

The day was organized by Ms. Mellon and The Global Issues Group and supported by Worldwise Global Schools and Irish Aid.  We were delighted to have Lauren Wright from Concern Worldwide present on the day to encourage the students to engage with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and learn more about how their actions impact the wider world.

The Global Issues Group see this day as a really important part of celebrating diversity in Maryfield and reminding us that all over the world, we are united by our common humanity.  We hope that days such as these might remind us to continue to look out for our brothers and sisters all over the world and to always endeavour to live responsibly and sustainably so that we can ensure a fairer more just world in the future.