Maryfield College

Poetry Aloud Competition 22-10-2015

National Library of Ireland

Congratulationsgoes to Roisin Ferguson Maryfield College 1K for her outstanding winning recital of the prescribed poem ‘The Fiddler of Dooney’ by William Butler Yeats and her chosen poem ‘Sonnet 51’ by William Shakespeare. Roisin and her fifteen peers all articulated their poems beautifully and were delighted with the judges decision to award Roisin representing Maryfield an  entry  to the semi-finals   Junior Category in mid November .

Entrants from Transition Year Ruth Lombard and Laura Sweeney articulated well the prescribed poem for the Intermediate Category.  “No Second Troy” and their chosen poem from three listed anthologies. Both entrants’ interpretations of these poems were captivating. A difficult deliberation in all categories was admitted by the judges who finally announced. St Michaels Finglas as winners of this heat.

What was amazing was that all students recited from memory their prescribed and chosen poems and their ability to communicate publicly was outstanding. Congratulations to winner Roisin Ferguson and all participants listed below.

Junior Category Entrants – First Years

Shelby Cullen ,Saoirse Dunne, Roisin Ferguson, Leah Su Whelan Isabelle Callinan, Nina Jashi, Susan Marmion,  Sara Coogan, Lorna Lawless,  Aoife Swinburn, Ciara Thornton, Elanah Treacher, Emma Tyrrell

Junior Category – Second Years

Abbey Byrne, Aoife O’Kane, Vilte Vilmaite.

Intermediate Category Entrants

Ruth Lombard, Laura Sweeney

Poetry Aloud Participants

Concern Debates

Senior students Maria Lee, Fiona Monks, Eimear Kelly and Orla Reardon enjoyed a training day for Concern debates-a nationwide debating competition on global issues. The first debate will take place on Maryfield on November 11th.

Concern Debates