Maryfield College

Spring Cleaning Days

Maryfield Spring Clean 2017

There were no fools among the hardworking group of Parents, Students, Teachers and Past Pupils who came along to participate in the Maryfield College Spring Clean Day on 1st April, 2017.  The Spring Clean Day has now become an annual event which is organised and funded by the Parents Association.

Large bunches of colourful balloons at the entrance gates greeted the many volunteers that made their way through the gates throughout that morning to give so generously of their time and skills for the good of the school.  Yet again, we were blessed with a bright, dry, pleasant morning, ideal painting and gardening weather.

All participants registered in the gym foyer before being assigned their jobs and heading out in small groups to get “stuck in” to their tasks.  It was great to see several members of the same family arriving together to get actively involved in the event.

The morning flew by and so many jobs were done.  The bursts of warm sunshine made it a pleasure to be working outdoors, whether it be painting, weeding, planting or tidying.  The positive attitude, camaraderie and co-operation among the volunteers, truly made this a very enjoyable social event for all involved.  Refreshments were available all morning, kindly sponsored by Charlie Tracey of C&T Supermarket, Philipsburgh  Avenue.  Members of the Parents Association provided a tempting array of homemade sausage rolls, scones, teabracks and cupcakes, freshly baked and still warm from the oven.

It would be impossible to give an account of everything that was done on the day but listed below are some the main achievements :

  • Weeding, raking and planting of the rockery at the front of the school.
  • New plant pots filled with colourful flowers provided for the front steps at the entrance to the school.
  • Weeding/raking and tidying of flower beds in the Courtyards.
  • Painting of railings, handrails, entrance gates and external doors.
  • Picnic tables in the courtyards repaired and re-painted in modern shades of Barleywood and Seagrass.
  • New blue gingham tablecloths fitted on the 18 tables in the canteen.

…….and the list goes on!!

Sincere thanks are due to following who have all contributed to the yet another successful Maryfield Spring Clean Day; hopefully nobody has been left out –

  • To the Parents Association for their hard work organising the day and for financing the purchase of the equipment, paint, plants etc.
  • To Catherine Brophy, Dublin City Council for providing bags, gloves, pickers etc. and for arranging the collection of the rubbish afterwards.
  • To An Taisce and the National Spring Clean initiative for the Clean-Up Kit.
  • To Charlie Treacy, C&T Philipsburgh Avenue, for generously providing refreshments.
  • To the parents who contributed in many ways to ensure that the volunteers were well fed and for their delicious home baking.
  • To Woodies, Coolock, for giving us discount on materials.
  • To the Principal Ms. O’Rourke and the Board of Management for all their support.
  • To John and Brian, school caretakers, for their assistance and for the on-going up-keep of the school premises and its grounds.
  • Last but not by no means least, sincere thanks to all the volunteers who came along on the day and worked so hard – without them this event would not happen.

As a “thank you”, all students who took part in the Spring Clean received an Easter Egg- a small token of our appreciation.  We hope that they enjoyed being involved and they can all be very proud of what they achieved.

When all the work was complete and we pulled the school gates behind us we knew by the black clouds gathering overhead that a deluge was not far away and we breathed a collective sigh of relief.