Maryfield College

Poetry Aloud Competition at the National Library of Ireland

an event that brings poetry into the memory and affections of the young in a way that will make it a lifelong possession and value’.  [Seamus Heaney]

Maryfield students Jane Keyes (Senior Category) and Róisín Ferguson (Intermediate Category) achieved great success at the regional heats of The Poetry Aloud Competition which took place in The National Library of Ireland, Kildare Street Dublin on the 23rd of October. Both students were awarded places in the semi-finals on the 16th and 17th November.

The prescribed poems in this year’s nationwide competition commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of Patrick Kavanagh. Participants were required to recite two poems: one from the prescribed list and one of their own choosing from the prescribed anthologies.

Eighteen Maryfield students entered this competition and all students were flawless in the articulation of their poems from memory. This was a great achievement for all who participated in this prestigious event.

Junior Category Entrants: First Years and Second Years

Elisa Boby 1L, Jamuna Senthuran 1S, Aoife Kehoe 2R, Kate O’Connor 2R, Nicole Mare 2R, Nina Roe 2R

Intermediate Category – Third Years and Transition Years

Gráinne Tancred 3K, Leah Su Whelan 3K, Saoirse Dunne 3K, Róisín Ferguson 3K, Sara Coogan 3L, Lorna Lawless 3L, Shelby Cullen 3L, Susan Marmion 3S, Abbey Byrne 4R, Sally O’Driscoll 4R

Senior Category

Jane Keyes 5L

The ccommitment shown by all participants listed above, as well as the support of class audiences and staff, have all contributed to the success of this prestigious event.

Thank you. Ms Whyte and Ms Maguire


Careers Day at Maryfield

The Maryfield Parents’ Association in partnership with the school and the school Guidance Counsellor organised a very successful Careers Event on Tuesday the 7th of November. Professionals from a wide variety of career areas, attended. College advisors from DCU, DIT, NCI, Marino College and Portobello College, were also in attendance at this Expo type event which was held in the school gym.

It was a wonderful opportunity for students from Third Year to Sixth Year to engage with experts from many fields of work and to consider possible career paths that they may follow in the future. Our students reported that they found the event very interesting and helpful while the guests complemented the students for their engaging and friendly manner.  Thank you to all involved, the guests who volunteered to participate in the event and to our Parent’s Association.



Freshers Day

A showcase of the many clubs and activities that happen outside of class time took place in the school recently. This event was primarily aimed at our new First Years. Existing club members informed the students about the details of their activities and encouraged them to try out new things. These enthusiastic club members were very successful at recruitment.

Some of the clubs currently available for pupils include:

  • Green Schools Committee
  • Amber Flag Committee
  • Choir
  • Orchestra
  • Traditional Irish Music Group
  • Guitar Club
  • Sports
  • Creative Writing Club
  • First Year Book Club
  • Poetry Aloud
  • Global Issues Group
  • Student Council
  • Anime Club
  • An Ciorcal Cainte



Amber Flag

Congratulations to the Amber Flag Committee who recently received the Amber Flag Award for Positive Mental Health. Their hard work has contributed to the breaking down of stigma associated with mental health and has helped to promote a culture of awareness, education and compassion for those struggling with anxiety, depression and many other issues surrounding mental health.

A special thank you to last year’s Sixth Years who were also instrumental in obtaining the Amber Flag Award – Aisling Williams, Gillian O’Sullivan and Emer Lorenz.

Fifth Year Trip to Poland

On Saturday the 29th of April, a group of forty-nine Fifth Year students and five teachers travelled to Kraków in Poland.

On Sunday, we began the day by attending mass in a beautiful Bernadine church. Despite being in Polish it was interesting to see how mass is celebrated in other countries. We then went on a walking tour of Kraków, learning about the city’s rich history and visiting some of its famous buildings. After that, more walking! Our next tour was of the Wieliczka Salt Mines. We walked down three hundred and eighty-seven wooden steps until we were sixty-four metres underground. On the three kilometre tour we saw things such as corridors, chapels, statues and underground lakes, all made by the miners years ago. We even licked the walls and floor to see just how salty they were…it turns out, very!

We spent Monday morning at the biggest indoor aquapark in Poland, enjoying splashing around on the water slides. In the afternoon, we visited Auschwitz concentration camp. This was by far the hardest part of the trip, yet the most fulfilling. We saw the gas chambers and crematorium, the living quarters, the shooting wall, the watch towers and the assembly square. This tour was extremely disturbing and thought-provoking. The words at the beginning of the tour, “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it”, stuck with us all.

On Tuesday, we took in a guided tour of Schindler’s factory. We learned what life was like for the millions of Jews living in Poland before and during the Second World War. We saw Oscar Schindler’s original office equipment and the names of the one thousand people he saved. We rounded off the trip with a short visit to a shopping centre.

Our trip to Poland was truly unforgettable. On behalf of my fellow-students I would like to thank Ms. Gallagher, Ms. MacConville, Ms. McCoy, Ms. Seery and Ms. McCauley for organising such an amazing trip for us.

Niamh Kenny, Fifth Year