Maryfield College

Salter’s Festival of Chemistry

Congratulations to our First Year students who are pictured here with their Certificates from the Salter’s Festival of Chemistry. The event took place on Saturday 6 May 2017 at Trinity College Dublin.


Global Issues Group Awarded a Diplomatic Passport

The Global Issues group were awarded a Diplomatic Passport Award by Worldwise Global Schools for their dedication to global citizenship education in Maryfield. The group have worked this year to raise awareness of global issues in the school community.  They organized the Maryfield Intercultural Day in November and the celebrations for International Women’s Day in March, among many other engaging activities! Some members of the group attended the award ceremony in Croke Park on Thursday 27th April and are pictured here with Lizzy Noone from Worldwise.


Row Against Suicide

On the 4th of April, a “Row Against Suicide” took place at Maryfield College. Organised by the Amber Flag Committee, this day of action was in aid of suicide awareness and prevention. Maryfield students rowed tirelessly throughout the day to surpass their target of 612km (the distance from Malin Head to Mizen Head) and reached a whopping total of 644km.

A massive thank you to all of the students and staff involved who made this day the huge success that it was. We are very proud of the awareness for suicide and suicide prevention created as a result of this day of action.

First year A basketball team win

Our first year A basketball team won the division 1 Dublin and region basketball final, against Maynooth Post Primary. The scoreline was 12-14.

Our second year A won the Division 2 final against St Mary’s, Glasnevin. The score was 11-2.


The Junior Schools’ Debate Competition (9 February 2017)

Maryfield was proudly represented at UCD’S Junior Schools’ Debates last Thursday by the second year debating team: Susan Marmion, Róisín Ferguson, Emma Tyrrell, Lorna Lawless, Sarah Gunnigan, Gráinne Tancred and substitutes Christina Ryan and Elannah Treacher.

The girls performed and argued well the motion ‘That This House Would Force All Political Parties to Have a Female Leader or Deputy Leader’.

These young Maryfield enthusiasts have already competed in two previous debates in UCD, arguing that ‘This House Would Ban All Social Media Activity that is not Linked to a Verified Personal Account’ and that ‘This House Would Not allow Criminals to Publish Accounts of Their Crimes’.

This debutante debating team also attended a workshop on debating skills early last autumn in Belvedere College which has proved very valuable.

Special thanks is due to the parents of Susan Marmion, Sarah Gunnigan and Elannah Treacher for chauffeuring the teams to and from these events. All of the team are looking forward to taking part next year, having gained valuable experience at UCD, not to mention the numerous lunch hour meetings in Room 22.

Thanks to all teachers, students and staff who supported this event.

Debating 1 Debating 2

Intercultural Day

The Global Issues group hosted a very successful Intercultural Day this year in Maryfield.  1st, 2nd and 4th year students were invited to take part in a treasure hunt on some of the different cultures within the school.  Twelve countries in all were represented by groups of students and it was a wonderful opportunity for us to learn more about some of the cultures our classmates are from.  There was delicious food to be sampled as well as art, craft, traditional dress and traditional music.  We also learned some basic phrases in new languages and had the chance to practice them.

The Global Issues group volunteered on the day, helping out with the quiz, the performances and raising awareness about the importance of Global Citizenship.  They set up displays with information about the Sustainable Development Goals and the work of organizations such as the UN and NGO’s like Trócaire and Concern.  The focus of the day was to remind the school community that we are all global citizens and that we all have a role to play in creating the kind of world we would like to live in.

Congratulations to everyone involved for all your hard work!

Niamh, Ruth, Michelle, Amy and Ella (Maryfield Global Issues group)


Global Issues Workshop

Members of the Global Issues Group who participated in a workshop on governance and equality with Gráinne Ryan from Global Action Plan.

Global issues Workshop






Le Cheile Conference Athlone 2017

Maryfield College pupils at the Le Cheile Conference Athlone 2017

Pupils from Maryfield College(left)  Sr Carmel Gorman CP and pupils from Cross and Passion College Kilcullen at the Le Cheile Conference February 3rd 2017

Pupils from Maryfield College(left)  Sr Carmel Gorman CP and pupils from Cross and Passion College Kilcullen at the Le Cheile Conference February 3rd 2017

 Maryfield College pupils at the Le Cheile Conference Athlone 2017

The European Youth Parliament

My name is Maria Lee and I’m a Fifth Year student. Last weekend, I was lucky enough to attend the European Youth Parliament Leinster session. EYP Ireland aims to spark an interest in European issues among Irish teenagers. I’m a member of the Maryfield Global Issues Group and I took part in the Concern Debates last year, so when my teacher Ms Mellon recommended the EYP session to me I knew that it was the sort of thing I’d be likely to enjoy.

The residential session took place over three days. Approximately one hundred young people took part, and we were divided into ten different committees for the weekend, each with a different EU-related topic to discuss. I was a member of the ‘FEMM’ committee, and we were tackling the issue of gender-based violence.

After a fun teambuilding session on Friday night, we were ready to get down to work on Saturday. The ten people on our committee, with some guidance from our Chairs (two former EYP delegates), spent the day discussing, sharing opinions, arguing and agonising until we finally completed our task for the day: to write a resolution on our topic, on which we were all agreed. This was difficult, but it was a very rewarding experience. By the end of the day I understood the issue of gender-based violence so much better than I had before, and I’d developed my own opinions on how it should be tackled.

A disco had been organised for Saturday night, and while I hadn’t really expected to enjoy that very much with a group of people I hadn’t known up until the day before, it ended up being great fun! I had made plenty of good friends by then and was more than happy to dance away with them for the night.

Sunday, however, was the most enjoyable day of the session by far. It was the day of the General Assembly, where all of us delegates were united to present our resolutions from the committee work. Each committee got the chance to explain and defend their suggestions for how their issue should be tackled by the EU, and the rest of the delegates then had to vote on whether or not to pass the resolution. It was an action-packed day of debating, rebutting, making speeches, picking apart other committees’ resolutions and, most importantly, learning. The list of topics covered was hugely varied, from Bitcoin to driverless cars, to mental health and the rise of extremist right wing parties. By the time I was going home, I had gained an understanding of these topics that I never could have through simply reading articles or watching the news. The GA was one of the most exciting and empowering experiences I’ve ever had.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to take part in EYP. It was an incredible, unforgettable weekend that has taught me so much and has made me seriously consider setting my sights on working in the EU when I’m older. I’ve made wonderful friends and the whole experience has inspired me to work for change where change is needed. I now feel confident in expressing my opinions, and ready to stand up and make my voice heard.