Maryfield College

Maths Week

Maths Workshop

A fun and interactive workshop took place as part of Maths Week focusing on the interconnectivity between maths and music. This workshop was very much in line with Maryfield’s current focus on numeracy and the cross curricular connections that exist between various subject areas.

Paco is an innovative Spanish lecturer, renowned for his methods of teaching Mathematics. He began by teaching the Transition Year students about divisions and groupings. He used a number of different methods, some of which were new to the students.

Following this, the speaker focused on the rhythmic patterns that occur in music. In groups, the students clapped various rhythmic combinations both in unison and with other cross-rhythmic combinations.

This workshop proved very stimulating and enjoyable for all the students involved.

Transition Year Trip to Google

A group of highly enthusiastic Transition Year students payed a visit to Google. The students attended a presentation given by a real life Googler about a variety of work types engaged in by employees.  These include coding, cartography and engineering. The students were given a guided tour of the Google campus and the day concluded with some problem solving exercises.

Maths Quiz

A daily Maths quiz took place during Maths Week. Students were asked to submit answers to a variety of mathematical riddles. The daily winners received prizes and all participating students experienced Maths in a fun and practical way. Well done to all our lucky prize-winners!