Maryfield College

4R YSI Healthy Eating Day

On the 26th of March, we (the 4R YSI Healthy Eating group) went to the kitchens to set up our healthy lunch day. We had the idea to serve a hot tasty meal to the school students to show how it easy and simple it is to have a healthy lunch. We all made baked potatoes at home the night before and brought them in. We prepared a salad and beans in school to go with the baked potatoes. There was a €2 entrance fee. Students and members of staff collected plates at the start of the queue, and made their way down to the potatoes, salad, beans and cheeses. It was a very successful day, and we hope to do something similar again in the future. Please see the Healthy Eating noticeboard outside the Home Economics kitchen to see the wonderful pictures of Healthy lunches created by the First years. 4R would like to thank the Home Economics Department for their help and support on the day.